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Taking care of business and common-sense management for our city. Read the brochure.

Living within our means without ignoring our needs. Read the flyer.

Experienced Voice

Stop deficit spending at the City

In his first year he demanded that the city stop deficit spending from the savings account and live within our means just like any other business needs to do.

Be economically prepared

Has been the strongest advocate on the council for reducing spending while maintaining services in preparation for the global economic crisis. Jason rightly predicted a 25% reduction in tax collections and demanded commensurate budget restraint.

Build fiscal responsibility

Jason proposes that this is the time to plan and build a base of fiscal responsibility and to create a 5-year budgeting model. Ultimately we can build a more efficient government.

Never voted for tax increase

Jason has never voted for a tax increase, and fought against the 5 year/50% water and waste water rate hike.



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