In Jason’s words
My grandfather started Aztec Well in 1963.  I am the 3rd generation to dedicate myself to the company and the community, and now am Executive Vice-President of Aztec Well Servicing and its subsidiaries in Aztec, New Mexico. We currently employ over 400 people in the San Juan Basin of the Four Corners region, and in stronger times employ up to 600.

I am very fortunate to have experienced this current “bust” with my father still actively involved so that I can learn from him — it is a wonderful opportunity to learn first-hand from your mentor. Our companies’ commitment is to our employees and our community. Significant fiscal restraint has been necessary, and it hasn’t been easy.  

Growing up during times of “boom and bust” was difficult on my family. There were times that my father was making payroll from his own pocket, so an employee would continue to have a job.This commitment to people — especially those who are less fortunate — is a part of who I am.  That is why I returned my City Council salary — even if it saves just one job. In today’s bust, we have been forced to make difficult decisions including personal sacrifice. Yet, at the end of the day, our commitment to our workforce and our community remains.

I have worked with determination to improve the working conditions for front-line employees in the oilfield. As immediate past president of the Four Corners Safety Network, I have been able to make a real difference in the lives of men and women who work hard each day to deliver upon America’s energy needs. I am really pleased, even proud, to say that my involvement has revolutionized safety in the San Juan Basin.

And though this almost old-fashioned family business in the oil patch certainly is the core of my life, just as oil and gas is the core of the San Juan Basin, I also see that Farmington needs to diversify economically and grow in new ways to be able to thrive in the future.We have to work on how Farmington can diversify, grow well, and employ it’s citizens for years to come.

Running for reelection to the City Council is one way I can demonstrate my commitment to our community.  In the last four years as councilor I am most proud of the fact that I have kept the promises I made during the campaign: fiscal responsibility, combating meth, improving public safety — addressing and resolving issues in a common sense kind of way.  

There is always more to do...


Organizations and Committees
Jason Sandel has been Vice-Chairman of the New Mexico Medical Insurance Pool. Immediate past President of the Four Corners Safety Council, member of the New Mexico Oil and Gas Executive Committee, member of the Statewide Economic Development Commission, and is a member of San Juan Rotary Club.

Jason and his wife Stacy have two children, Stella, age 8, and Jasper, age 2.